Why we should not cut hair & nails at night?

  1. Nakhun ka kamal

It has always helped me to scratch my head whenever I was unable to give answers in my school days. One day I read somewhere that even after death your hair and nails continue to grow and then I came to know that the skin dehydrates and they appear longer. It's an illusion

But when I read that they should not be cut during the night, I was intrigued again and the answer I got from my circle was that perhaps the elders said this was due to lack of electricity.

Is that true ? I was not satisfied. I dived deeper.


Your body is made up of atoms and every atom is in a constant state of vibration. Add frequency of every atom in the body and you shall get a resultant frequency of the whole body which we can call as HEART BEAT FREQUENCY OR PULSE FREQUENCY OF YOUR BODY.

Now energy is directional proportional to frequency. Energy is a combination of electric and magnetic fields.

Hence, every human being has an energy field which we nowadays call as AURA.

3. AURA contd.


Physical Aura from a certain age  in general remains constant unless someone turns ill etc.(LAGNA)

MENTAL AURA  is that which changes i.e. mental energy level/behavioural pattern(MOON)

SPIRITUAL AURA  is that which excites and gives you purpose to achieve something which defies physical and mental level restraints.


          If you are on a swing and you push it then it shall swing in a forward and backward motion. Once it is set into natural motion then we only need to give it a gentle push to maintain the amplitude and this in sync amplified motion is called resonance.

Similarly body atoms also follow the resonance system and they come in sync with your AURA at current energy levels. If you are feeling low then each atom shall come at low energy level even your nails and hair shall contribute in lowering your energy as they are part of the physical structure.

5. fuss behind cutting hair/nails

HAIR & NAIL are a part of our body and they also contribute to our AURA.

When Hair & Nail are cut then they do not become......................................

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