What advice I would have given to Nawazuddin Siddiqi in struggling days?

  1. YEAR 1999

Nawaz has just got a degree from prestigious National School of Drama and now he is trying his luck at movies in BOLLYWOOD.

Now Because it's a tough industry to get good roles, he comes to me in times of uncertainty and rejections like every other human being.

He asks…..

2. 1st question

Nawaz : Bhai, what's in my destiny , will I make it big ?

Me : Bhai, your Kundli has awesome potential in terms of acting. Lage raho. You will become huge.

You have just started and you shall rise to big heights.

Nawaz : When ?

3. 1st Answer

Me : abhi you need to just struggle and give auditions. Get the experience man.

I won't tell you the time of your rise right now as I don't want to make you doubt yourself, if it takes more time than what you expect. So I just won't comment on that. If you love your skill enough then just struggle baba and hope for the best. Abhi you don't need to know the time. Trust my prediction.

Now, Nawaz came to me again in 2004 very angry and then……

4. ANGER - 2007

Nawaz : Buddy, your Kundli prediction has failed. I am in a financially distressed position and thinking of quitting acting.

Me : Ohhho. Sit & understand that Kundli tells you your POTENTIAL and the potential gets fulfilled when the TIME comes.

You are currently going through Rahu Mahadasha and your.....................................

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