Buying one's own house is a dream for every human being. One spends a lifetime of hard earned money on his/her dream house. One term which everyone encounters while buying a house is "VASTU COMPLIANT HOME".

No one wants to keep a VAHAM or a superstition so even those who do not believe in it succumb to the VAASTU pressure.

But is the house that you are buying really VAASTU COMPLIANT ?

2. VAASTU compliance

Just having a bedroom in the South West does not make home Vastu compliant.

Nowadays, Every Builder tends to claim the building to be Vastu Compliant and majority of buyers blindly believe them without doing any due diligence.

But how can they do due diligence when there is a dearth of well educated and intelligent people in this field to clear their doubts about Vastu.

The same issue which we face with astrologers is present in Vastu consultants too i.e they do not make you understand the basics or WHY of it.

Hence, a good referral or the ability of a consultant to quell all of your doubts should be taken into consideration for benchmark.

3.  Why is VASTU important ?

*** will make a detailed post/video on it.

Growth occurs at a faster space when there is symmetry from a fixed point of reference. The whole purpose of Vaastu is to make your house symmetric and in consonance with the environment where you live.

Further, Vaastu not only considers the local.......................

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