1. Introduction

The first thing people ask from me during consultation is to give REMEDIES. Trust me their intent is not to ask for behavioral remedies as they think they are always right and someone else is to be blamed.

When I talk of Behavioural remedies they do listen but they are waiting for other special remedies especially about the stone that shall change their destiny.

This post shall clear the doubts about the reality of precious Stone(रत्न) remedy.

2. Concept

Suppose , if a student is unable to study in his room and he/she feels distracted there then what would be the suggestion.

One reasonable suggestion can be to study in a nearby library.

Why ? As the library is surrounded by books and studious people hence the sum of mental energies is directed towards study which will be conducive for the student to study with less distractions.

But would studying in the library ensure success in examinations? NO

Infact, the majority of people do not go to the library but still top the examinations, so does that mean that going to the library is a waste of time ??

Of Course not.

The same principle is applicable to precious stones remedy.


I Will take an example of Jupiter here. Jupiter, the biggest planet, saves us from asteroids. Had it not been there, life would not have evolved. Its energy is considered to be protective. Jupiter is perceived to be yellow in color from Earth.

So, it was conceived that if something is yellow in color then it shall protect us.

Yellow Sapphire stone is yellow in color. Hence it was prescribed to strengthen Jupiter related qualities and jupiter governed sectors shown by your Horoscope

P.S. I will explain the above concept in more detail in a video else it will seem as a gross generalization.

4. Why stones ?

Many things are yellow but why only yellow sapphire for Jupiter.

Natural stones cannot be made in a day . They take time like millions of years for formation. One piece of rare precious stone can be said to be a concentrated form of energy confined in a very small surface area.

What better way can be imagined to increase the Jupiterian energy....................

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