Why one should not eat after Sun Set?


We all have grown up listening to quotes from elders like dadis, nanis etc. "Bachhon surya dhalne ke baad khana mat khaya karo aur jaldi so jaya karo " or "raat ko heavy khana nahi khana hai"

We as a generation have chosen to ignore these sayings as we think that the reason was lack of electricity and some worms can pollute our food. But , now we have light so we can eat food after 7 'chill type'.

This is not the reason, and I shall explain the answer in terms of astrology.


Yup! Though we are surrounded by solar system family planets all the time, some are more powerful at night and some in day just by their nature. This is the astro basis of our conclusion about eating habits.

As we all know life starts when the SUN rises in the east which is called the source of life and given the significance of SOUL.

But when the SUN sets , the enemy planets of sun RAHU, SATURN (NIGHT PLANETS) take over.


If you have been following my page you know that RAHU is responsible for the eclipse. It is that point where an eclipse happens. This point also moves like planets.

If this 4 dec eclipse is happening in SCORPIO then next november we shall find an eclipse in LIBRA.

If something is blocking SUN's life, giving light to reach us, it has to be the Enemy of the Sun and can  be called a Night Planet as it is more comfortable there and its BLOCKING POWER enhances manifold.


The farthest planet from the sun is influential enough to alter the orbit of earth  and has also been called in the fables as the unwanted son of SUN and hence thrown out to the end of the solar system . Myths or Fables have a way to teach us the truths of  reality.

Saturn can be compared with the epitome of darkness. Hence, when the Sun sets its power its influence increases.

5. Arey! Get to the point

OK. Digestion power in a way called जठराग्नि which is responsible for rapid digestion is governed by SUN. Also the ruler of the 5th house in Kal purush Kundali or leo is SUN.

After Sunset,.............................................................................................

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