The numbers were discovered so as to understand patterns and in a same way there is a pattern that has been seen between the personality traits of the people and their respective date of birth, month & year. People call astrology, numerology a divine science but for me every science is divine and so the divine status should be only given when numerology or astrology show traits of science that is verifiability, objectivity & universal applicability.

The counter attack to the principle of numerology is that so many people are born on same day so how can we predict about someone’s life just on the basis of date of birth because not everyone is living the same life who are born on same date of birth/month/year. The answer to that lies in their kundli or horoscope because every horoscopes is unique so the numerology analysis only tells you the degree of potential of your kundli about how low or high can you rise in your life.

I will try to explain this by giving you a real life example of a police constable and a civil servant who is at a very high post. The date of birth is 29 October 1987. Now both are having destiny 1 which denotes Sun implying leadership qualities, ego, confidence, government position or the one who is destined to reach top in whatever sector that pursue. The date of birth has Sun Moon combination which is a Raj yog combination in numerology which means that both of them will certainly fly be bestowed with luxuries, position relative to their position which others at their same position might not enjoy. Believe it or not that constable has connections worth making you wonder that how can a constable of young age can be loved by so many people in high circles.

His kundli gave him the tendency of becoming a constable, high positioned friend circle but that can be easily deciphered simply just by analysis of date of birth. So if we were given the date of birth of various constables then just by date of birth we can easily tell who is more powerful and who is not.

The applicability of numerology gains its importance mainly when you know about the profession of the person and then you can by applying certain numerology principles you can easily predict the ups and downs in his life according to Numerology Dasha. Though for health prognosis you don’t need to know about his career, you can tell him the possible range of disease he can have and can be pinpointed by using his kundli. So Numerology definitely complements Astrology in diagnosing disease.

So going back to our aforesaid example we can conclude that both constable and civil servant will be having ups and downs in their life which will happen with in the same year but the degree of upheaval and success will be different and that degree is subject to individual’s horoscope.

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