The answer of our blog lies in this question.

The ancient sages observed that not every sunrise is the same in energy levels for them.

But they discovered a hidden pattern that every 7 days the same energies were getting repeated.

They immediately understood that the different energy of every  7 sunrises were correlated with the energy of 7 Planets.

They further observed that the first hour of sunrise sets a benchmark for the energy level of the whole day.

Hence , if the first hour of sunrise is governed by MARS' s energy then we shall call it MARS HORA & The day is called as TUESDAY.

Hence, every day is named after the planet whose energy influences first hour of sunrise thereby influencing whole day till next sunrise..

Now, Mars represents FIRE which we can see everywhere this year as predicted in my Mars + Rakshas post.

It was observed by ancient sages that more bile is produced in the body on Tuesday than other days making our body more acidic.

Non- Veg fod is...............

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