Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Back in 2015 My beloved friend who is a classmate from IIT Delhi called me up and told me something that impelled me to study the field of medical astrology. His both kidneys had failed and no doctor could tell the reason why this innocent genius guy had to suffer through this predicament. He had never smoked, never ever had a single drop of alcohol in his life but still both of his kidneys failed who were in an absolutel perfect condition 2 years ago when he bad a full medical check up before going to Oxford for higher studies. His parents were in state of utter shock and I could understand his state very well because I also had once suffered from full body paralysis. After some months he came to me and asked to use my knowledge of astrology to tell him that by what time he will be able to get a kidney donor. By that time I had got well versed in medical astrology and satisfactorily explained to him that why he got the disease and it was destined though with prior knowledge of the impending disaster could have lessened the intensity though avoiding it was nearly impossible. Also told him that by what time will he be getting kidney. He was utterly astonished and in some way contented that finally he knows the “why me” answer for getting the disease.

The key use of medical astrology is that it can diagnose the disease  easily and can pinpoint the true source of disease. For example, if someone is getting constant headaches then routinely he will be taking a pill for headache but in astrology that’s called suppressing the effect because the cause of headache has not been addressed yet but through astrology one can pinpoint the source and ask the patient to address the source, for example in the aforesaid example the cause for the headache could be gas in the stomach which is rising to the head so until we get rid of the habits causing gas we could never get rid of headache completely.

ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS  is the science and  art of obtaining scientific knowledge  regarding disease and its causes as shown  by the planets, as well as the means of overcoming  it. This new science of diagnosis and healing is slowly  permeating the medical world. It is a science which will not set aside  the old school of medicine and diagnosis, but it is an addition to the old  school. The latter, I feel, will in time accept this newer method.

At present  many physicians are willing to  cooperate with the newer schools of osteopathy,  nature-cure, chiropractic, etc., and these open-minded men  are ready to accept a more advanced method of diagnosis when it has  been demonstrated to them as reliable. Depending entirely upon outward  symptoms in locating disease and relying wholly upon the action of medicine have cost millions of lives  in the ages past. But man is now becoming too enlightened, too broadminded to stick stubbornly to old methods  which have been proved to be inadequate by many mistakes, and sacrifice of many lives. Medical science with its improved instruments,  the X-ray, iris-diagnosis, blood tests, etc., has made great strides toward better methods of diagnosis. But the time is not far hence  when it will be generally conceded that to know in advance where human chain is weakest, to understand by the science of the stars where the  practitioner may look for trouble, is by far the best way for preventing diseases. Doctors will then arrive very quickly at the cause of disease, and they will also know  what methods will be best to effect a cure. When they can use the key to the soul, the horoscope, they will find the treatment to which the patient will  respond. They will also know the character of the patient, whether his will is weak, and whether he is negative or emotional. They will then be guided in their  methods of treatment according to the information thus obtained.

Disease  may be classed  under two heads, latent and active. “Symptoms” give  indication of disease which is in process of materializing. Latent  tendencies to disease are shown by the planetary afflictions in the horoscope of birth.  In some instances these tendencies may remain latent during the entire life because  the native has lived in such a manner that no strain was put on the body which would give  the planets a chance to develop their latent weakness. If there is a weak link in a chain but no strain is put upon it, the  chain will remain whole. So in the case of planetary afflictions, they too may remain latent. But let the native abuse his body  and at once these weak spots will appear. This gives us the second class of disease, the active type. When the planetary aspects have been stirred into action and  disease has appeared, the progressed planetary positions give the diagnostician the key to it.

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