Manglik and Marriage

Manglik and Marriage

One day my friend came to me with the horoscope of his girlfriend and asked me whether she is ‘MANGLIK‘ or not and if she comes out to be ‘MANGLIK‘  then, to do something about it else his parents would not agree to marry her with him despite her being a beautiful person by heart who loves him unconditionally . In today’s time this might be shocking but not to me because  for centuries in this country the ignorant pundits have been minting money off people’s miseries by inculcating fear in their heart & mind of various doshas like ‘Manglik Dosha’ , ‘Kalsarpa Dosha’. ‘Gand Moola Dosha’ etc. These all are lies , propaganda which have been repeated so many times that now they appear to be truth and it has become very difficult to remove out of the people’s mind.

Is ‘KUNDLI MILAN’ a wrong concept as a whole or is it done wrongly ? The answer to that is the concept of ‘kundli milan’ is technically a contradiction to the philosophy of astrology. A native is destined to bear the fruits of his own karma. Marrying with someone is not going to change his/her destiny. If someone thinks that marrying to someone will change his/her destiny is just utterly nonsense. If the native is destined to have setbacks only after marriage, no amount of matching the horoscope is going to prevent it. If he is destined to get promotion in his professional career after marriage , he will get it irrespective of the quality of matching of horoscopes by the astrologers. It’s just a misguided perception of people to offload their responsibility and accountability on their marriage partner which is reprehensible.

Whenever lovers come to me asking whether they will get married or not or whether their gunas meet or not , I just send them away by saying that if you love each other then this is not the right question to ask rather you should ask the ways to know your partner through the help of astrology that will give u a better understanding of your partner. If one really loves someone and want to spend the rest of life with each other then they should try their best to get married and should not leave such an important decision of life to an astrologer who they have just met and who has no interest in their married life.

So if everything is destined and process of ‘KUNDLI MILAN’ is inherently defective then how to make best of the knowledge of the horoscope? The method that I resort to is by giving the detailed analysis of his nature, health, potency, professional & financial status and leave it to the person asking whether or not he wants to begin the relationship with this person or would like to marry so that he becomes responsible for his own actions and if things go haywire in the end he/she could not attribute responsibility to anyone else but himself/herself. This process of taking responsibility will definitely make him/her ready to create a better version of himself/herself for the future relationships to come.

So the use of astrology prepares you to become a better partner because now you know why you or your partner is doing the things the way they do and eventually judging and ego fights will stop necessarily leading to a pleasant and better understanding among the partners.

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