We all have heard numerous predictions about Jupiter Saturn conjunction.

We have been hearing following predictions that this historical conjunction shall bring turmoil in politics, wars etc.

But are these True ? What are the basis for these predictions?

I shall try to make you understand in this blog.


Its kind of a Merger & Acquisition Analysis for the the merger that happened on 21 Dec 2020 @23:20:16 , Delhi when Jup & Sat are @ 6.21 degrees.

1.     General Prediction based on Natural signification

a)     Jupiter denotes wealth and Saturn denotes restriction so in short term this is not good for financial position all over the world till May 2021.

b)     The rules that define people’s well-being in terms of movement or health or good laws shall get more stricter due to present position.

This combined with the solar eclipse results is giving major lockdown in other countries. The effect of solar eclipse in India shall not be much severe as it was not seen here.

c)      As Saturn denotes Research, so effect of Jupiter shall trigger technological advancement in long term. Ex: blockchain in finance, space tech, agriculture, mining etc.

d)     The signification of Saturn shall get strong and of Jupiter shall get weak.

So, you can see the fertility rate further going down in the coming times as Jupiter signifies child birth.

e)     Traditions or traditional ceremonies shall take a back seat in coming times. Inter religion, inter caste or LGBTQ  relationships shall get further acceptance. The acceptable marriage age shall increase further.

2.     Particular predictions

1.     This conjunction shall give more trouble from neighbouring countries as Capricorn is 8th from Gemini and happening in nakshtra of Sun which just came out of eclipse affecting govt. worldwide till MAY 2021 but any possibility of war seems distant as this Jupiter is ATICHAR or moving at a very high speed and hence won’t be able to give long lasting result and soon it shall move out of Saturn’s grip in Aquarius aspecting Leo and hence protecting countries after May 2021. So, no WAR or no major event with respect to countries dispute with their neighbours. Events will happen but wont have any major negative impact. They shall come and go. #CHILL

2.     As Gemini stands for movement so a temporary restriction can be seen in movements but no major lockdowns that we saw like before.

3.     Major negative events like border disputes, earthquake, political turmoil’s etc. or whatever we can think off shall happen between 14 January till 14 April especially the month of February. After June things get better due to this conjunction. So, avoid planning long term holidays during these periods to tension prone areas.

4.     For India This conjunction shall not be good as it has happened during Vishti Karana which is generally avoided for doing any new deed like starting a new venture, buying new thing etc.  The lord of this VIshti Karan is Saturn which has gained strength from Jupiter in nakshatra of Sun hence the govt shall become more stricter w.r.t to their laws and no new major judgements can be seen till June from the honourable Supreme Court.

Long term generational effects

1.     One long term effect of this conjunction over coming decades shall be on relationships and increase in spiritual and more detached relationships between opposite sex shall increase.

2. Despite scientific achievements due to conjunction of Jupiter Ketu Saturn in Navamsha , the coming generations shall see an increase in extremities in religious beliefs in terms of extreme religious or extreme atheists.

3. The intelligence of future generations in India shall be brilliant due to near perfect conjunction of Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius in 5th house.

4. Extreme weather conditions shall keep on causing huge loss as hot Mars & cold MOON are in the 8th house in water sign Pisces. And this winter shall break all the records and the coming summer too.

5.    The fertility rate shall decrease with time and natural conceptions shall become more difficult in the coming times and we shall see some new breakthrough inventions in childbirth and yeah marriages shall become a thing of past or the concept of marriage that we understand as of now shall change.

6.     The entertainment industry shall change and you shall see more research-based movies, SCI-FI movies even in India along with the world. The concept of religion, spirituality, mysticism and existentialism shall be explored more. Issue base movies shall be made more rather than the romantic ones. Even romantic movies shall challenge the concept of existing romance as portrayed in the existing movies. Venus Ketu, Leo and Sun mercury in Sagittarius shall cause all this.

7.     Fashionistas should add more colours and abstract arts with a tinge of spirituality in their creativity quotients as that shall increase their sales in their coming times.


The condition of the present world shall worsen due to this particular conjunction. Overall relief can only be predicted in world’s condition after mid 2022 when Saturn moves out of CAPRICORN.

A brief sigh of Relief did come when Rahu Ketu changed axis but not much as Rahu in Taurus is now afflicting Venus’s house of liquid assets.

Then Dec2020 Solar eclipse’s independent effect shall get affected by the present conjunction negatively too especially for the countries where solar eclipse was seen in terms of increase in Corona Cases or temporary restrictions in movements again. The present lockdown shall not at all touch pre-MAY levels.

The good news is that India shall not get affected as other western countries.

Its like the predicament of  heroine of the 90s movie who just got freed from Amrish Puri’s clutches but now is in Shakti Kapoor’s hands.


The reason for error in such predictions is because they are a part of mundane astrology in which an astrologer tries to predict about the day-to-day affairs of the world. Not much research has been done in this sphere.

You will easily observe the same astrologer doing great in individual predictions and falling greatly in predicting for world/own country.

The reason for great prediction accuracy in individual horoscopes is that ancient sages have shed much light on these topics and also that this has been researched a lot and can be verified easily.

For ex: If you see MARS KETU in 7th house in any individual horoscope a general prediction can be given that married life shall see turmoil or the break of relationships/partnerships can be foretold. Now out of 100 charts having this combination without aspect of Jupiter or in some case Venus you shall see the prediction coming true with 85 percent accuracy. (85 percent is because of variations of signs, nakshatras & navamsha positions of these planets)

But same cannot be said in Mundane affairs easily as astrology is a branch of data analytics and we need patterns to predict exactly. Now because in case of individuals we have seen the effect of MARS KETU being easily verified as said by sages but the same Jupiter Saturn conjunction effect w.r.t mundane affairs in a sign can’t be predicted exactly as we need a pattern.

Ex: if we had a set of 8 to 10 transits of Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn happening every 60 years and their effects then one can easily make some comfortable prediction at least for some sectors with higher accuracy. Also the position of other 7 Planets(grahas) is relative. Even if Jupiter Saturn conjunction happened in 1961 and is happening again today but the relative position of other planets especially Sun & Moon shall be different and hence the result shall be different. Even the speed or declination of Jupiter/Saturn shall be different.

But Sadly, this is not the case and that is why one listens to such predictions that some change shall happen but in which sector it is difficult to predict. So All astrologers commit this fallacy of predicting about such patterns. Only a few learned one can predict exactly and sadly they don’t do it publicly or if they do they mainly for high profile clients whose stakes are high and that too with respect to their own horoscope.

I shall also try this fallacy of predicting because as an astrologer one cannot resist predicting. I have stated all this reasoning so that you all go easy on me as now you know the context and reasons for going wrong.  :p

My reference for this prediction shall be the famous JUPITER SATURN conjunction that happened on 19 Feb 1961 05:55 am , delhi.

(place is taken Delhi as the planetary alignments have always been analysed from the observer’s point of view. Ex: We always judge a person wrt how someone makes us feel and not others)