Affirmations are a simple but interesting way to enhance your intent towards your completion of your goal.

They can be as simple as writing your purpose on paper and sticking it on a wall or keeping it in your pocket or they can be as complex as hawan, chanting complex mantras etc.  

They seem simple but are tough to perform as consistency is the key. That's why vedic remedies are generally asked to be done for 41 days so that you develop a new positive pattern and break the old negative pattern.

We are 70 percent water , governed by the moon and hence we want the results quicker just like it's fast motion. Result of any event shall depend upon our destiny but remember even destiny is based upon your past life karma. When fruit gets delayed as per our expectation then to increase the fruition rate we do affirmations.

Action is the karma whose seed is thought and reaction is the fruit .....................................

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