Destiny Vs Free Will

Destiny Vs Free Will

“The stars impel but do not compel” is the essence of the science of astrology otherwise we are stuck in a vicious circle where we are just helpless beings dictated by the non erasable ink of destiny. Life will then become a symbol of pessimism which is against the vibrant feel of existence.

In my experience with Astrology, I have learnt that in every horoscope a man is defined by certain inclinations and those inclinations/interests are gathered over a period of past lives that he has lived else he can’t be identified by them. We all know only practice makes us perfect so we have surely done practice if we are proficient in expressing some qualities else we can’t’ be perfect. It also seems plausible to assent that if there are no experiences of practicing such qualities in present life so we must have practiced them in past lives because there has to be a cause if there is an effect . These inclinations and actions based on these inclinations in past lives & this life create our so called


For example :- If a man is asked to lift a leg and suppose he decides to lift the left leg first because of his free will  and now if he someone asks him to lift his right leg then can we say that he himself destined himself of being never able to lift the right leg by lifting left leg first and in this way his free will to lift right leg has been taken away by self created destiny by the man himself .

External circumstances which are called fruits of our Karma on basis of our past actions are fixed but free will is either to react or to respond to these circumstances, now if we react then we shall fulfill every aspect of astrological prediction but once we start responding we see that astrological predictions by any skilled astrologer would start going haywire.


Now to master the art of responding and not reacting can be mastered by the One who becomes developed spiritually and consequently the less he will allow the planets to dominate him. While the younger soul is driven without resistance along the tide of life in whatever direction the planetary vibrations impel him. It is the mark of the advanced soul that he keeps true course regardless of the planetary vibrations. So to masters there is no real but apparent contradiction between free will & destiny.

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