We all have wondered how ASTROLOGY explains variations in the life pattern of people born with the same date, time and place of birth or same Kundli/Horoscope.

To understand this we need to understand the concept of DESH KAAL PATRA without which no prediction can ever come true.
DESH KAAL PATRA is a concept used in Astrology to make us understand the context and limitations of Astrology.

P.S. twins having different destiny and people having the same kundli/horoscope ( which we get to see via softwares/apps but different navamsha charts and other divisional charts shall be explained in some other insta highlights.

DESH (Country/State/Place of living)

Different countries/states have different laws , culture etc. Two people with the same horoscope may have different occupations in different countries or have different earning capacity for the same job.

For ex:

  1. Becoming an actress can be suggested by an astrologer to a female with good Venus in India but not to a female with same kundli and good VENUS in SAUDI ARABIA

2.  A maid in India makes far less money than a maid in the USA.

KAAL (Time/Era)

Opportunities that you get change drastically with time which significantly affects your career choice and other related aspects of life.

Ex: Women born in the 1950s with good Mars would rarely come to an astrologer to ask whether they can become a Pilot or a Police Officer.

Ex. Mercury stands for communication. When Astrology was invented thousands of years ago , a person whose profession was influenced by mercury would be advised to become a messenger but in 2021 he would be advised to go in the communication industry.

PATRA (Family Background)

A person’s choice is heavily influenced not just by his locality where he grew or the time in which he/she was born but also the kind of family he is born into.

The father, mother, relatives and other related relationships affects a person the most in shaping his/her life.

Ex: A poor Kid who shared the same hospital and was born on the same date with Ambani’s grandson shall have the same Kundli but the life would be drastically different due to different opportunities and networking offered by different families.

Trust me,  no astrologer could have predicted that Elon Musk or Narendra Modi or Shahrukh Khan would become such influential people of our times as it is nearly impossible to give such prediction with the prevailing principles of astrology when they were kids but only thing which can be predicted with certainty for such strong horoscopes that they shall rise in life significantly better than known personnels of that time. It's only when we get to compare two or more Kundlis then only we can make a prediction about whose kundli is the best.