Remember the famous saying

“संगत का असर पड़ता है |”

we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”

Similarly , Your physical environment around you affects how you think.

Ex: Sit in a closed room with no ventilation vs sit in a room with open air and sunlight.

Any house with open air and sunlight definitely signifies more prosperity.

I improved my physical and mental health by moving in a better house in  2011when I suffered from a deadly disease which made me understand what elders meant by saying “हवा पानी बदलो”

Shall write about VAASTU in detail in my upcoming posts.


All farmers know the value of sowing a seed at the right time.

No matter how good your potential is but if you do your work at the wrong time then failure happens.

I shall even dare to say that  Astrology was discovered to find the right time to commence a new work which is in rhythm with the external environment.

Who controls External Environment ?

Planetary movement .

Hence , Astronomy was discovered for Astrology to calculate MUHURAT.

I have used this all my life to increase my chances of success and have been testing it thoroughly for the past 10 years. I use it everywhere even while posting my posts on instagram. :)

(*** doctor story shall be called in post” )

3. Location change

It's a subset of Vaastu only . It is one of my best remedies for my clients to suggest which place is best for them to actualise their potential when they come to me and say that no astro remedy has worked for them .

Then they ask “ क्या जगह बदलने से भाग्य बदल सकता है ?”...............................

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