When Mars happens to be in your 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses in Kundli, a person becomes manglik.

( That's 50 percent of people, Yeah! I feel you )

As per the research done by sages MARS , the embodiment of color RED is famous for causing WARS, DEATH, FIGHT, FIRE etc. Ex: this year is governed by MARS. It's the warrior, सेनापति।

Imagine such a planet affecting your MARRIAGE ! (Phewwww)

  1. Effect on marriage/7th house

We all enter into relationships to add more chill to LIFE.

but when Mars has influence on the 7th house then it gives fiery energy to the house.

We want a marriage house to be cool and not hot as high temperature makes a person leave the house.

  1. WHY women's Kundli is seen for manglik.

Women are more emotional and caring than men in general.(exceptions excluded)

So , if their mars/aggression influences the 7th house that means their whole energy is being targeted at the relationship with the husband.

Now, in a patriarchal society, dominating women over husbands is not considered good and that became the reason for rejection of women by parents if she happens to be manglik.

  1. MANGLIK &  SPOUSE longevity ?

Wherever Mars influences you the probability of getting injuries increases.

Now for a girl if Mars influences her 7th house then it indicates that whoever be her husband he shall be more prone to injuries.

In old times injuries lead to death as medical care was lacking.  

Hence, if the boy 's parents go to an astrologer with the girl's kundli then he shall say that the girl is manglik and hence her husband is prone to injury so avoid marrying her as your son's lifespan shall reduce by marrying her.

  1. What if a boy is manglik ? ................................

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