One of a kind course with detailed explainations on 27 nakshatras & each pada including discussion on Karam Vipak Samhita.


This is the 3rd course as a part of 4 course series called LOGICAL ASTROLOGY NEEV (LAN-03 ) focusing on the background stories of 27 nakshatras & each pada including their application in predictive part of astrology.


Those who have done LAN 02 have already given positive feedback of how they have been able to correctly predict the potential of chart using dasha and transits. The time has come to make my promise for LAN 03.


I promise that After this course you will have the understanding of 27 Nakshatras and each pada in detail. You will learn how they look in the sky just so that you may sound cool in front of others while sitting on a beach in GOA in night time :)  , their exact positions on moon ecliptic path, their symbols, their background stories including Karam Vipak Samhita stories as told by Lord Shiva to Lord Parvati, & eventually how to use them in prediction. All 104 pada will be discussed in detail.

LAN 01 told you about understanding the potential of the seed and the LAN-02 told you about “ AT WHAT TIME THE POTENTIAL OF THE SEED WILL FRUCTIFY”.

LAN 03 will tell you about "the exact pattern of characteristics in which the the seed will fructify".


The LEVEL 3 course entails detailed understanding of:‌

  1. Position of Nakshatras in sky
  2. Nakshatra qualities like fiery, watery etc.
  3. Nakshatra symbols
  4. Qualities of nakshatra through stories of KARAM VIPAAK SAMHITA
  5. the concept behind prediction of nakshatra and nakshatra pada so that you dont have to mug up the predictions.
  6. Tara Chakra in prediction
  7. Blank chart nakshatra prediction
  8. Ashtakvarga & their use in transits (continuation of lan 02 course )
  9. Various interesting curated Kundlis will be discussed from a sample of 4000-5000 Kundlis which I have seen till date. No name of person will be shared as that is confidential.

This course will focus mainly on understanding of nakshatras and practical aspect of how to predict through nakshatras  as there is no holistic book avalable on how to use it. In my earlier days of astrology there were very basic books on nakshatra but nothing about how to arrive on a prediction of a person's characteristics through nakshtra and charan .

We would not only learn about person's characteristics but effect of nakshtras on every house of Kundli. The innovative concept of blank chart nakshtra prediction and house lord sitting in a particular nakshtra will be merged and discussed in detail.

Such a detailed course can not be found anywhere and it would require a serious commitment from the students. This is not a crash course as I hate them as I have been a victim of such crash courses in my beginner days where I spent Lakhs of rupees in different courses and was still unable to make sense of kundlis. If you are fond of doing cheap & fast courses then this course is not the one for you. I believe in quality and walking slow but for long as one of my favorite animal is tortoise.


Please, don't forget to fill the below google form for LAN 03 shared below if you are interested in joining the course. :)

PREREQUISITE for attending LEVEL 3 course


If you want to attend LAN 03 course directly I have no issue but for them the fees will be higher because you would interrupt the class more as the basics which you have learnt from other institutions need to be shaken & changed. You would extract more energy out of me. Hence more fees from you people  which will be Rs. 60000/-* BUT…

If you want to go the right way then Learning BASICS from my LAN 01 & LAN 02 Course is a must . You can buy my online lectures by paying the requisite fee of Rs. 36000/-* per level .

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The videos will be available till LAN 04 is completed. After LAN 04 is completed the videos will be available for streaming for next 1 year only.

The videos are non shareable and cannot be downloaded. If I find any attempt has been done to share videos illegally then your membership will be revoked immediately and no refund of fees will be there for such nonchalant students.


‌The completion of the course requires a minimum of 30 lectures.

No need to pay more if course exceeds 30 lectures.

Duration of each lecture will be 2  hours but it can go for 2.5 to 3.5 hours, so be prepared for that.

Classes shall be held online on every Sunday OR Saturday of every week on ZOOM.

(TIME & DAY is flexible depending upon the consensus of the students).

MUHURAT for 1st class is on 6 june 2024.

* One can pay in EMI too i.e. Rs.6000/month.


‌If you want to have an idea about How I teach in my class then watch the full 3 hour lecture below on Pisces Ascendant from LAN 01 series.

If you want to have an idea about How I teach in my class then watch the video below on Pisces Ascendant from LAN 01 series.

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