Prashna/Horary Astrology

Prashna/Horary Astrology

This precious organ of the astrology will definitely blow your mind. I was introduced to it when a friend of mine who was facing some health issues  went to an astrologer to find out whether he should continue with his ongoing allopathy treatment or should now opt for homeopathy treatment. At that time I had no knowledge of astrology and I got really astonished to see the answer he got through Prashna Astrology. He was told that allopathy will be of no help to him and should switch to homeopathy immediately. He did not tell the astrologer about the ineffectiveness of allopathy but the astrologer correctly answered his query just by erecting the kundli of the time at which he approached him.

We are always told that to get predictions about any event in our life we need to have our date, time & place of birth but what if we can predict about someone’s future , present by just erecting a horoscope of that particular time when he approaches to ask the question. To check whether one’s query matches with the Prashna Kundali then just see the position of the moon because it denotes your mind which you will find related to the nature of the query. Prashna Kundli is only applicable to that particular question and nothing else , one should go to ask a particular Prashna only when it is bothering him continuously over a period of time.

Prashna is best used for such topics about which you cannot get help from kundli or in those cases where you can’t ask for kundli or where no birth kundli can give you clarity on a particular query. For example, if we were to enter in a business deal then the business partner can take offence if we were to ask his details of birth so instead of that, one can ask a prashna to his astrologer about the particular deal whether this deal will bring problems to him in future or not.

Examples of Prashna that one has asked from me:-

  1. Whether I will marry my lover or not?
  2. Whether this person will cheat on me or not?
  3. Whether I should have partnership with X or Y?
  4. Should I resign from my present job and if Yes then will my new job be beneficial to me or not?
  5. Will I ever be able to conceive a child?
  6. Will I become IAS in my next attempt?
  7. Is there any possibility for me to get remarried?
  8. Will I get bail ?
  9. Among these three lawyers who will be the best for me?
  10. Which laptop should I buy among these two laptops from the same store?

Well the question number 10 opened a new branch with in the Prashna Astrology called Astro Shopping. My clients while making a purchase costing a significant amount of money usually give me a call and ask me whether they should buy from this store or not and if yes then what would be the best piece to buy among the choices provided to them. Now you must be wondering that this is too much of an astrological invasion in someone’s life., but if the price is significant then a mere 2 minute call would cost far you less than a defective piece or buying something which you will not be using later.

There are n no. of questions that one can ask from an astrologer depending upon the creativity of the querist. Prashna Astrology is the quickest way to see results in the real time. You get to see the result then & there. In the coming blogs I will be discussing more about Prashna Kundli and the ways by which I analyse Prashna Kundli.

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