Litigation Astrology

Litigation Astrology

In India if there is one thing that people would like to avoid is ‘buri nazar’ and the ‘Court ke chakkar’. Well I can’t vouch for the existence of Buri Nazar but I am pretty sure about the omnipresent omnipotent ‘Court ke chakkar’  because once a person gets embroiled in a legal matter then it’s rather easy to get out of a Chakravyuh in actual battle than to come out of a legal battle in India which will certainly drain your precious enormous mental, physical and financial resources.

But the question that arises is what astrology has to do in legal sphere ?

The answer is everything!

The LOGICAL ASTROLOGICAL shall surely help you in predicting beforehand that whether we are going to win the case or not; Which lawyer would suit us more or Should we file a suit or not or Will my application be accepted or not or Should I settle my case or continue the legal battle inside court etc.

But if someones says that he will give you a remedy and you will win the case then he is fooling you , he is out-rightly cheating you and such astrologers should not be consulted again. Even when winning is already in your destiny then sometimes just to mint money off your pockets they will give you some meaningless solutions(upaya) and when you do win, you attribute it to the so called ‘Pundit’s upaya‘.

So one can make the best use of astrology in legal sphere by making suitable logical decisions based on the probable outcome provided by proper Astro-Analysis. If someone is going to lose the case then it is advisable that one should settle the case outside the court because the other party doesn’t know yet that they are going to win it eventually.

The LOGICAL ASTROLOGICAL shall surely help you in hedging your losses and increasing your profits.

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