This course is about how to live life in a manner where you increase your peace of mind quotient by understanding  the harsh & sweet laws of life using philosophical & mathematical lens of Astrology.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics are a way to understand that how this universe works but what is the way to understand how our life works ?

A person either tries to understand ways of life through religious books, philosophy, autobiographies of famous person, verses of spiritual people like Budhha, Osho etc.,  personal experiences or other people's experiences etc. I also tried to understand through the above ways but one argument which was against all of these repository of teachings was that they all were subjective and were said in different times & circumstances.

So it becomes very difficult for a common man to relate with these teachings and  a million dollar question is posed:

Is there a"GENERAL LAW OF LIFE" that can explain everything going on in our lives?

Can we really quantify laws of life? Can we really quantify compassion , emotions, love ? Can we also quantify how crazy or stupid someone is in some formulae ?

MY answer is YES. The answer is in ASTROLOGY.

Astrology is based on some principles and when those principles are decoded and applied to real life then I saw the results. I found the missing element. I found the way to quantify laws that govern our lives. My way is a very unique way to look at Astrology.

So get ready to be surprised , leave aside your biases and presuppositions and just take a leap of faith

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YOU will learn the basics and how to decode them so that you can decode "N" number of laws by yourself which will help you lead a better life. In this course I will be explaining enough number of laws.

Once you understand these laws then you can play with these laws to make your life better and the peace of mind will be achieved as after the completion of this course nothing is uncertain.

*I shall take 4 to 5 lectures spanning 2-3 hours each

What my lectures entail ?

  1. You shall be taught Sankhya philosophy in brief which as per Shree Krishna is one of the best philosophies to understand the world. It will entail How this universe works and Law of karma will be explained in the most logical way coming from my personal spiritual experiences & philospohical knowledge of western & indian school combined.
  2. Nature of Planets , MALE-FEMALE qualities of universe , basics of Kundli, scientific explaination behind corelation of astrology & life events will be explained .
  3. Decoding of principles of Astrology
  4. There will be extensive Q &  A on all the myths and doubts that you have since childhood. You can ask any question related to subject. Every questionis encouraged in my class.
  5. Mental health and anxiety will also be addressed and some short remedies will be given about that too.
  6. General remedies given by our sages to be performed to have a good life in general shall be shared for each planet and some tips on how to have a house with good energy.
  7. Will also be teaching one of the biggest remedies which you will be using maximum in daily life which is application of  HORA (a daily life remedy) .


Duration for 4 to 5 lectures shall be 2 hour each which can extend to 3 hours , hence be prepared for that.

FEES : ₹ 12,000/- (255 $ for NRI/Non Indian)

FEES : ₹ 19,500/- (including Major consultation worth Rs.13,500)

(320 $ for NRI/Non Indian)

Duration of each lecture is 2 hours but it usually goes for 2.5 to 3 hour so be prepared for that.  

Classes shall be held online on every Sunday of every week for two hours on ZOOM.

Medium of teaching will be Hindi & English for Non-Indians/NRI

The exact MUHURAT/launch date for 1st class for the new batch shall be communicated to those who will be added in the class whats- app group.

***(Time is flexible depending upon the consensus of the students).

*there is no EMI option available for this course.

*One has to attend the previous class to qualify for the next class.


I am sharing below my full 3 hour lecture on Pisces Ascendant blank chart prediction from my you tube channel.

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