Corporates Hiring

Corporates Hiring

Hey Corporates! Improve your hiring!

Finding an employee who suits exactly to your demands and desires is pretty tough. Through CVs we can only know about their credentials which can be measured like percentage, degrees,  but what if we want to make a choice while hiring ‘THE ONE’ among the best applicants. While hiring such questions also become necessary such as :

  1. Will he able to execute what his degrees and marks boast about?
  2. Will he stay for long period of time?
  3. Is he trustworthy?

THE LOGICAL ASTROLOGER shall solve this big HR problem by giving an accurate in depth analysis of the potential candidate just by analysing the DATE OF BIRTH (dd/mm/year).Our method of approach shall give you complete information about the ‘degree of presence’ of required characteristics in the potential candidate and their variations with time.  

THE LOGICAL ASTROLOGER believes in improving the decision making qualities by providing additional information using principle of astrology and numerology which the employer otherwise could not get. Our services can be put to use by any industry which is giving employment to anyone to improve the efficiency ,productivity and better employee retention of the company.

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