Children Astrology

Children Astrology

The Logical astrologer addresses twin problems

  1. Conceiving a baby
  2. Raising the baby


The LOGICAL ASTROLOGER  shall help you in forecasting the best time for conceiving the child so that the mother can go through least suffering and deliver the baby showered with luck from the heavens.


THE LOGICAL ASTROLOGER  can help a child reach the maximum potential of his/her talent in any field by giving the precious information about the field in which he/she will eventually develop interest in and Even though the baby is destined to fulfill his/her destiny but as a parent instead of imposing our wishes on to the child we can get a comprehensive understanding about the child through his Kundali alone and avoid all kind of quarrels and disappointments and achieve maximum level of happiness both for the child and parents.

Letting a kid follow his/her heart will surely help in avoiding depression, mental issues and we shall be able to achieve a healthy happy kid getting ready to achieve his dreams.

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